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We Chose To Press The Button

In the last and final chapter of The Content Code by Mark Schaefer, Schaefer quotes best-selling author Seth Godin, “The fear of being judged is palpable, and the digital trail we leave behind makes it feel more real and more permanent. We live in an ever-changing culture, and that culture is changed precisely by the ideas we engage with and the ones we choose to share.”

In today’s digital world, what we post and publish online is what we get judged by. Its what jobs and internships look at before deciding whether or not they wapublishnt to hire us. They go through our pictures and posts and see what type of person we are based on what we chose to publish online.

So why do we press the button? We do we post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn? Why do we find ourselves publishing all of our personal details online for the world to see? Because no matter whether or not our profiles are private or not, the world can still see what we choose to post. The point is, we shouldn’t fear being judged because we post what we post for a reason. Whether we want likes or comments or shares or we simply want to show the world that we’re happy, we chose to press the button. So let’s start owning up to our decisions.

As Godin says, “we live in an ever-changing culture,” and with that comes digital change and personal change. Every day will bring something new, a change of pace, and something else we’ll want to post online. We have to adapt to the digital world we live, so if that means posting daily, then so be it, but we can live surrounded by the fear that we’re going to be judged if we were the ones that chose to press the button.


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This entry was posted on April 10, 2016 by in blog, Chapter 11, content code, sharing, social media, trust.

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