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How Can We Embrace the Dark Side?

Dark Social. I can honestly say that I had no idea what this concept was before reading Chapter 11. It seems crazy to me that nearly 70% of content is distributed through the spooky access of dark social.

How can a business keep track of dark social or embrace it to become more successful? It seems nearly impossible.

dark-socialI decided to track down another article regarding dark social from our friends at Hootsuite discuss dark social more in depth. The author Olsy Sorokina states that 32% of surveyed people only use dark social. For this survey dark social included emails, text messages, IMs, or forums.

Some things that the article says you can do to help break through the dark social barrier are:

  • Check for simultaneous spikes in Facebook and Reddit
  • Use shortened URLs that allows readers to tweet the content
  • Keep up with Facebook algorithm updates to reach the largest audience you possibly can
  • Create interesting, informative, original material that people will want to share

At the end of the day, it seems like dark social really can not be avoided or solved. You have to embrace it and just keep creating share-worthy content.

I personally am a dark social sharer. I do not post on my personal social media sites, I will only share it with my friends through private outlets. I do not like the idea of posting articles on my page unless it is extremely funny or relatable to my life.

This goes back to Schaefer’s concept of having an alpha audience. These people are going to be the one’s that share your content because they relate and they are interested in it.

Well, with that bloggers- it has been a great 3 months on here. I hope our class creates some incredible con
tent after reading this book. Find that alpha audience and break through that tricky dark social.

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