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The end…

In the last chapter of The Content Code, they summarize all of the techniques and lessons from previous chapters. This 11th chapter ends by discussing all the several tactics to getting your content shared to lead to ultimate success. To be honest, the possibilities are endless when trying to achieve success. The formula to gain popularity and likeability on the Internet is always changing that this book can only be taken into consideration. Besides, is there really a formula? Every circumstance is different that each individual really has to have his or her own custom formula. Sometimes, those successful people can’t even define what their formula is. They just keep doing what they’re doing and hope for the same results.


But this book did give me many great ideas and tactics that I hadn’t thought of before. I know how to share information and my opinions with more grace to receive a better result. I agree with the notion that one’s character should remain within their public figure. They should be honest with what they say, and say it how they really think. Everyone has a unique and personal opinion that strays from the mainstream, but that gives the person a better chance of public figure status.


We always have to keep in mind that out there, there will be people who share your comments, even if you are hounded with negative comments. Anger speaks the loudest. But sometimes, disagreeing comments are not all catty and express a well thought out idea, which you should take into consideration. Adjust your content to cater to your audience.


The Content Code also teaches me about social media, and how we can get the most out of it. I feel like it is hard for us to realize how far of a reach we now have with social media platforms. Yes, we can connect our friend who is studying abroad, but we can make connections with people from overseas. Now, I’m not going to encourage you befriend strangers on your personal Facebook page, but this is a great thing to remember when choosing where to place ads.


Everyone is able to succeed in whatever we decide to do, we have unlimited connections. Within our path to success, always remember that what we say or others’ content we share defines us. Also, it matters how you choose to react to others. We must remember that other people share different opinions. You don’t have to be friends with them, but you should remain cordial.


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