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Welcome to The Dark Side

In Mark W. Schaefer’s book “The Content Code”, in Chapter eleven,  he speaks about the so called ” dark social” channels such as text messages, emails etc. Schaefer explains that these channels are dark, due to the struggle of measuring these channels. It’s difficult for marketers to know how customers talk about their products or services in private settings, especially when some people only talk about products and services in private settings.

Even though these channels, as well as word of mouth discussions and recommendations are hard to track, they should be a goal for Squeeze Juiceworks to get in. Large corporations can get away by staying on the light side, but Squeeze needs the dark.

Being a small company based in Tampa Bay, your target audience is not all that big. Juicing is also not a market that necessarily attracts a variety of different people, and therefore that narrows down the size of the market to an even smaller number. Squeeze needs to be in the lunch discussions of every stay at home mom, every busy business professional and so on. Because when it comes to something as personal as what you put in your body, you’re most likely going to trust the person with a similar lifestyle as your own.

Due to trusting your peers, our group created so called “Customer Testimonials” these are essentially videos that will be posted on Squeeze’s social media accounts, and this way customers can hear from other customers what they think. Even though this is not considered a “dark channel” it comes pretty close to it.


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