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The Content Consumption Limit

While reading the first chapter of The Content Code, I felt like I was reading a history textbook at first, especially when the text discussed the digital revolutions of the past. However, there was one section that personally resonated with me: the consumption side. And, it allowed me to observe and think about the bigger questions and possible concerns that surround this topic.

First, I immediately noticed in the opening stages of the chapter that marketers need to effectively use social media to correspond with current trends, not yesterdays trends, in order to reach their intended publics. But, is that the same thing as exploiting the way Western individuals consume content? Well, conventional wisdom would say yes, but the text goes into deeper context by saying that Eurocentric individuals consume 10 hours of content a day. Therefore, we’re reaching the point to where we hit our physiological limit of content consumption.

This raises the bigger question on whether this next step of evolution has become a permanent aspect of our biology? Personally, I think so because I am glued to my phone. Whether if it’s research on something in or outside of the classroom, I always have the mental urge to access my IPhone because it’s something that I have the option to access and get my answer one way or another. In other words, I think my life abides to the aspect of sleep, consume and repeat, which is scary to think about in the grand scheme of things.

Even though we’re reaching our limit on content consumption, is there a limit on how much marketers can produce in addition to those consuming it? In the next five years, the content boom is expected soar to new heights (500 percent increase to be exact), so I’d expect it to be the new normal for years to come. Whether if this is a permanent part of our biology or not, it will be a question that our next generation might have to answer.

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