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A World Where Words Have No Meaning

To begin, lets start with a social experiment. Really quick, open up all the social media accounts on your phone. Now one by one, go scroll through and count how many articles, videos, and advertisements you see.

To be honest, I lost count with Snapchat because they have an entire section completely dedicated to too trending topics. Even if you gave up counting like I did, the point is information is everywhere. In the book “The Content Code” author Mark W. Schaefer brings up the point that the content really means nothing anymore. Schaefer explains, “Content marketing has little to do with content anymore” (Schaefer 18). It may sound a little ridiculous at first, but it couldn’t be more true.

Recently, I began writing for an online platform where millennials get to voice their opinions. Each week, the writers receive emails giving us tips on how to get our articles trending. A few tips ago, we were told to cut back on our word count and increase on our pictures and gifs. I was a little taken back because some of my writing topics I can go on for a few hundred words. Being told that our articles could be only 100 words was the weirdest realization. People really don’t care what I’m saying. I’m not trying to throw a pity party for myself, its just the truth.

In his book, Schaefer explains that no matter how great your writing, if you can’t get people to notice it, it doesn’t matter at all (Schaefer 18). The key to amazing content is shoving through all the noise on social media, and forcing people to pick your post. This is not an easy task and it takes a ton of originality (and moving pictures) in order to succeed. A great example of originality is the example Schaefer provides of the Youtube video break threw. Stephen Cronk was a Youtuber looking to become a star. He tried and tried, but it never seemed like he could catch the eyes of millions. It was the day he decided to open a wine bottle with a shoe that everything changed. That was his breakout idea, and that was what the world had been dying to see (Schaefer 23).

It’s crazy to think that even if your writing like Shakespeare, if you didn’t write it while opening wine with a shoe, your content means nothing.  However, there is no use complaining and lingering on the past ways. Instead, content writers need to accept the challenge and begin to change their form. In a world where information is everywhere, words mean little to nothing anymore. The world will never truly notice you until you force them to stop scrolling their fingers.


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