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Promoting Social Media!

In this chapter Schaefer was able to show me as a reader the truth of the whole social media world and what it has to offer. From the example he used from his friend Stephen Cronk’s winery business in the Province of France. According to the book, “we conducted a complete market and competitive analysis and discovered that among the hundreds of wineries in his region, none of them had meaningful digital marketing presence” (Schaefer 22).

In Nigeria, the social media world is building up everyday and effectively it will get there eventually. With small cake businesses  in Lagos, Nigeria they are tying to come up in the market. With Cronk’s winery he looked for difference with his competitors. DoubleRose is a small family owned business located in both Lagos and Port Harcourt in Nigeria. It is a business that does very well with profit and sales. But, when it comes to the social media aspect there are not doing so well because they are not really out there. If DoubleRose decides to come out more and show people why they are different from their competitors then they would have more customers and they would reach a larger target audience than other cake businesses.

They need to be more out there and they need to show the social media world how they can reach them more. Also this business needs to be able to sell a message to their customers so they will be attracted to that idea. In the book, “Stephen consistently documented his win-making journey in a very human and entertaining way” (Schaefer 22). With Stephen he was very transparent with his customers and that is very important when it comes to owning a business. It was a very strong thing for him to show his business more from a personal standpoint than from a business side of just making money which is something most businesses do nowadays they don’t really such much care in their customers but that is something Stephen showed in every aspect.


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