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Breaking the Barrier

The first chapter of Content Code made me realize how much difficult it can be to market and create an image that will be seen and heard by the public. Two topics that I found interesting to learn about was “content shock” and the idea the content marketing does not really relate or deal with actual content being put out on web and social media platforms.

While reading, I learned several new words, including the idea of “content shock.” According to the book, “content shock” is the idea that there is too much
data and content that can be found on the Internet and on social media platforms that it makes it a lot more difficult to have your work or company be seen and known. “Nearly every person on earth is becoming his or her own personal broadcast channel. This is a wonderful thing for consumers but one daunting wall of noise to cut through for a brand message.” (Schaefer 12). This goes to show that although it is beneficial that everybody can have their own voice on social media platforms, it makes it that much more difficult for marketers or public relation professionals to not only get their message out there, but more importantly, seen by the public and targeted audience.

One other idea that I found interesting when reading was the idea that content marketing does not really relate or deal with actual content that is being put out on the web anymore. This section discussed how the author had been publishing meaningful and valuable articles but was not receiving any attention. However, when is now friend, Chris Brogan made a post about how simple it was to present and to not read off how a PowerPoint slide, his post received so much attention. A little later in the book a valuable point was made, “Regardless of quality, content marketing success must also include community, distribution, and promotion.” (Schaefer 21) I believe this to be one of the more important and key concepts of the first chapter. It goes to show that in order to be successful you just can’t post to a blog. You need to build your credibility with the public and give them reasons to show that what your content is, is worth paying attention to.

Overall, I found this chapter to be interesting in the sense that it doesn’t matter if you publish a blog post every day. If you do not have credibility or the following of the public, then your work and articles are not going to be seen or heard. So it’s important to build the reputation and to stay connected with the public and to make sure that you cover all your bases of community, distribution, and promotion.

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