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Content King?

“It’s only proper to say thank you after holding the door for someone else.”

(Working backwards here) Now, if I were to post that quote by itself on my personal media, I wouldn’t get as many likes, shares, comments, retweets, DMs, etc. as would say, a CEO of a company. I am trying to crack the code like everyone else is. But, like Schaefer said, you have to be known within the community. You have to have these followers and this entertaining stuff. Like Stephen Cronk did with his winery. He came up with the video for how to open a wine bottle with a shoe. Genius much? I wouldn’t say it was an epic idea, but the public loved it. You have to have the deifying moment to really break through. You have to feed the public what they want.

Schaefer also goes on to talk about the Content Shock. There is so much information being put out into the social media world, you can’t keep up with all of it. It’s a good and bad thing. Which now brings us back to the beginning of time. When aol was a thing, and that buzzing noise when the internet had to start up. Flip phones. When you couldn’t be on the phone and computer together. So much has changed. Now you can stream videos from theaters, access anything in the world with the touch of a button, become a celebrity with a click to upload a single photo. The list goes on and on.

Schaefer was introducing us to be the content king.


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