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Content Overload

The first chapter of the book, “The Content Code” by Mark W. Schaefer was frightening, however not surprising and flat out describes the influence social media has in todays society and the competition that transpires. The first passage that truly grabbed my attention was that “television, the Internet, and digital gaming all captured more attention, at all expense of outdoor and family activities.” (Pg. 13)

This passage moved me because Schaefer was completely right. The idea of “sleep, consume, sleep, consume” (Pg. 13) was exhausting. To imagine a way of life without constantly checking Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. was unimaginable. It left me questioning why people feel the constant need to check everyone else’s status’ and see what everyone else is doing with there friends that weekend, or workout regimens or bodies. Was it competition? Was it comparison, or just curiosity?

Next, Schaeffer began to speak about how it is difficult for businesses to be noticed today through social media. He said, “For small businesses that depended on Facebook to connect with customers-and there are a lot of them-there are seemingly two choices: 1) Spend even more money on producing high-quality content, hoping it might squeak through to a customer’s news feed, or 2) Pay Facebook to promote or boost the post…but even if you can afford to advertise, research shows that users are now blind to sponsored, branded content on Facebook.” (Pg. 15) This idea immediately made me think of my Dad and his business. My father is in Real Estate, and is now the top producer in Nassau County, Long Island. However, there are many actions he had to perform in order to get there. For one, he has been working in Real Estate since before I was born and also works at one of the top Real Estate companies in Long Island, Laffey Fine Homes. Next, he puts in approximately 10+ hour workdays, and then comes home and blogs/advertises and makes himself known on social media. He does this by creating two Facebook pages (to show his personal life/advertise new real estate/blog), pays to be the first agent when searched through Google for Nassau County, Long Island Real Estate, and also pays to be on numerous agency websites for when clients are looking to buy a home.

As tiring as it might be to be constantly slapped in the face with advertisements on the social media, I agree with Schaefer that the public has learned to become blind to it and naturally filter through it. This thought can be scary for businesses that are trying to be noticed for the first time, it can be practically impossible to ever be noticed or have a new product recognized. Luckily my Dad is in an industry where, if they need a house in that county, his name will be one of the first to pop up on the media, or through his reputation/talk around town. But if you are not like my Dad, and trying to invent something new, you are basically screwed. I agree with Schaefer, there must be a new way for content on the Internet to be recognized so peoples voice can be heard, and new ideas/products can be noticed. Content on the internet needs to be organized.


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