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Mortgages and More Content


“Well, this is depressing,” is what constantly kept racing through my mind as Mark W. Schaefer continued on about caveats of content in the first chapter of his book, The Content Code. The chapter outlines how content marketing has become increasingly difficult as content creation explodes online, while content consumption plateaus. After all, there are only so many hours in a day.

As the head of marketing for a local, small business mortgage brokerage, I’ve found myself running into many of the issues he talks about. While we are upgrading our marketing practices, it feels as if we are trying to play catch-up in an incredibly saturated market. Many of the bigger fish in the industry with “deep pockets” as Schaefer describes, definitely have Googling power. On the optimistic side, The Content Code outlines the need of shareability for online success, rather than simply having rich content.

So this leads me to ponder – how can I strategize or create content that Floridians will want to share with their friends? We already do Facebook content and ads – but perhaps we need to change the medium and tone of our content. I do love how Shaefer gives the example of his friend and his wine vineyard video marketing strategy; it seem so transparent and lively. I especially love how they don’t point back to the services that they sell or their product. Instead they show you the lifestyle and the real happenings of the vineyard.

Perhaps, for our mortgage brokerage, we could show homeowners at different stages of the home buying process: picking out furniture, debating between two homes (almost like a House Hunters episode), getting the keys at closing, etc. Now to brainstorm distribution channels, platform and promotion! This chapter is exactly what I needed to look at our marketing strategy in a fresh, new way.


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