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Today my blog is going to concentrate on the paragraph “The consumption side”, here in America I think we as a society are constantly over stimulated by all the technology we surround ourselves with. In much simpler times the amount of time people spent consuming was much lower due to our means. At that point people were much more dependent on newspapers and books. Then came the radio, it was a major technological development and the consumption rate spiked to two hours a day. With each new development consumption increased while time spent outside or on activities diminish. According to The Content Code “By 2011 Americans were consuming more than eight hours of content per day,”. Now with cellphones that gather and distribute information practically at the speed of light consumption rates seem as though they will never stop increasing. I found this article interesting because it highlights a problem that I think is over looked far too often. If we are always plugged in and taking, when are we going to find the time to take an action or a stand for anything that we have been able to learn about. Constantly consuming doesn’t leave much time to analyze what is being thrown at you or if it’s all true. In some ways the development of technology has made our society more secure or at least feel more secure with promises that with each new innovation will be better than the last. But we don’t have much time to determine if it is just a false sense of security before something else comes out brand new.  One thing that surprised me was the description of content shock, in the book it is described as “a marketing industry tremor” caused from the explosion of content availability. I thought it would relate to what would happen if we lost all ability to consume and how that would affect people and the industry and the turn it would take.


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