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IT’s All In the Game!


As an avid sports fan, when Schaefer mentioned changing the game on page 29 it really struck me. It seems so obvious that in a today’s advertising/marketing world you have to do whatever you can think of to STAND OUT! The markets are heavily saturated as Schaefer mentions, that if you’re not standing out, you’re very likely going unnoticed.

The Superbowl, the most watched televised sporting event in America. The prices of commercials, sponsorship, and ads is astronomical. I can only guess that companies spend most of the year planning and coming up with ideas for their “30 seconds to shine.” In my opinion it’s always the jaw-droppers and the tear jerkers that have the most lasting impact. This past Superbowl, Mt. Dew and Doritos took home the gold in regards to leaving the biggest impact from their commercials. Below are links to both commercials.

After watching these two commercials, you’re definitely going to remember them the next time you have the opportunity to  choose a soda or a bag of chips. Whether you choose a Mt. Dew or a bag of Doritos when you see them, chances are you’re going to recall the commercial. If you’re with a friend you’re likely to tell them about the commercial and they’re likely to watch it and do the same thing. The Mt. Dew commercial has over 27 million views on YouTube. I’d say a lot of people went on to watch it after hearing about it.

In print media its the shocking photos, and the bold statements, the ads that bold that catch our attention. As PR professionals that is what we have to create for the media, bold attention grabbing stories, events, headlines that everyone will want to know about, breaking away from all the media that gets looked over.

This is what makes you stand out, this is how you change the game, by playing it WELL! I’d call it a home-run, a touchdown, a goal, and a three-pointer with a foul for Mt. Dew and Doritos in the Super Bowl 2016 best commercial game.


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