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All the way up!

Trying to rise all the way up will be hard. Trying to produce “great content. And he means great content,” will be hard. Finding that niche will be hard.

I am basing this chapter and book off of my current job now. We are going through a rough patch and lost guests for a bit, but we’re getting back in the game. Slowly, but surely. Which is why I want to relate these tools provided in this chapter to the company I work for.

I took his “Free, somewhat accurate method” of search engines and applied it to my company, Harley-Davidson. Unfortunately, that is a well-known brand. So when I typed, “motorcycles and blogs,” take a guess at home many results showed up… As insane as this sounds, there were 30 million results. 30 MILLION! So I trying to saturate it and narrow it down. “Harley-Davidson motorcycles and blogs.” 17 million. This will be a tough code to crack, but I am determined to do it.

But, since I am a part of the marketing department, my boss has allowed me to run wild and present any ideas to him. After reading this chapter, I will consider his offer and take off with the Hero Content provided in the book. H-D is all about the veterans. The company as a whole loves to give back to them so it only makes sense to me. I will try a new niche and see what develops there.

Not only producing more, more, more content, but producing intriguing, shareable content.


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This entry was posted on September 18, 2016 by in blog, ChangeTheGame, Chapter 2, content code, marketing, motorcycles, sharing.

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