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Content Code – Chapter 2

I thought this chapter was very well written and interesting as well. He starts out talking about his friend owning a soup company and different deals he would do weekly. The conversation started to turn into the competition and how competing with a store down the block became overwhelming and made him start to lose some of his customers. His friend had to find a niche. This basically means you have to find your place and where you best succeed. They give you examples of how to find your saturated niche. Google. This is a good place to start because as it shows anytime something is googled more than 1 million results seem to show up. Now, you need to become more detailed. Once you figure out what makes your company unique, it should not be hard to reel in customers. you need to find what your best at, and stick to it. The higher the density in a niche, the more difficult it will be to create outstanding content that will shine through on its own without investment in distribution, promotion and advertising. Don’t JUST focus on the bigger picture, focus on the sub-categories as well. Most likely your competitor has not thought out his/her audience as well as you have. You need to have a target and a designated way to achieve your targets attention. Also try exploring different types of content. The author mentions three different types of content you can adhere to, “The 3 H’s” Hygiene content, Hub content and Hero content. Hygiene applies to the daily health of your audience which is always important to look out for. Hub content talks about keeping them interested in why they are there, you want them to always keep guessing about what is next in store. And the last one is Hero content, this discusses some brilliant, dramatic and bold that strikes you as a winner where they never want to leave.


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