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Don’t bite off more than you can chew


I found Chapter two “Structure, Strategy, and the Content Code” very helpful and relatable. One thing in the chapter that stood out to me was on page 29, Schaefer describes the strategy as ” First, fine an unsaturated niche. Two, Consistently produce a volume of quality, helpful material aimed at a relevant audience (or persona), and lastly three, never stop producing content”(Schaefer 29). After reading that I had to read it again for it to sink in, but is very relatable to succeeding in todays fast pace environment. Finding what your good at early on is extremely helpful and will benefit you longterm. Marcus Sheridan, an entrepreneur also told his story about blogging when the internet was organic and free from tumblr, pages, and millions of websites. He use to blog every now and then, then when it started to pick up pace blogging changed to 2-3 times a week, and as internet and technology picks up he finds himself posting more, and more. This relates back to content saturation. Finding out if your niche is overly saturated is the hard part. When reading this chapter I kept thinking about BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed is a website that started off with six columns, and mainly was created for something for people to look at when they are bored or want a laugh, or keeping up on celebrity/society gossip/news. After posts  and gaining a large audience they branched off and found other ways to stay ahead of the game. those 6 columns escalated into quizzes, videos, apps, DIY, and much more. Buzzed collaborated with Tasty, a company that produces online cooking videos at a fast pace. Instead on focusing on one content they focus on many (hygiene content, hub content, and after collaborating with tasty hero content). But how do companies know when enough is enough? It seems as technology increases everything begins to get discombobulated. Companies start focused on one niche and down the road end up with multiple different routes.


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