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Just Try Try Again.

Never giving up in what one is doing is key because it helps one to keep trying the best that they can. If a business is not doing well one has to just think outside the box and get brand new ideas to get more content out there an more customers.

The author gave reference to his friend Robert’s business that runs a restaurant business in the downtown area. He put combined his business with a car dealership and people would come and get free soup at the dealership; they were doing very well. But after  a certain period they got a competitor car dealership that took advantage of the free lunch.

This other car dealership started to give free sandwiches to customers and the owner’s wife baked homemade cookies. People stop going to get Robert’s soup but rather to other dealership so they were no longer doing too well. Even with his people no longer coming to get soup from this dealership Robert’s business can still do well.

“By the way, Robert the soup maker isn’t out of the game. He can find new markets for his soup”(29). I really liked this quote from the author because he is just trying to say that Robert can get a different market and try again and make money even with this setback that happened with his soup business.

From this example it shows when businesses do not do so well compared to their competitors but they have to be able to put more content out there. They have to be able to give the content a great purpose and get people to want too see more when they get in contact with their business.

The 3H’s have to be put in consideration to because it is important for a business to have Hygiene Content, Hub Content, and Hero Content because these three types help when it comes to having shareable content so one has to just keep trying and trying again when it comes to having purposeful content for a business in general or just for a blog post.

Photocredit: Star spider.”Try Try Again.” WordPress., Mar 26 2014. Web.Sep 19. 2016.


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