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Sharing is Caring

When you Share it shows you care about what others will say or you just want them to see what you are into so they will want to associate themselves with you. “Understanding why people choose to share content sheds light on how you can adjust your strategy and carve out a competitive edge by embedding shareability into everything you create.”(45) With Content its about how you put it all out there.

With social media like Twitter, Facebook people need to have a valuable strong reason to share posts before they tell people about it. Sometimes its all about trying to look cool in front of their friends, an emotional feeling, informing friend about a particular situation or feeling deeply connected to the author.

“The most important characteristic of content marketing today is not quality or quantity. It’s insight.”(52) When it comes to putting content out there one has to know what that whole particular sector is all about. They have to know what to expect and what the target audience is like and if they will like the information that is being shared to them on this blog or social media. When one is trying to talk about a particular topic on their blog they need to do research on this topic before putting it out there so they will know if people will share or like the post.

Also, most people share content if the content has a way of relating back to their life and that is the way they would be able to connect with the topic and want to tell their friends or family about this content. Most of the time people make the choice of sharing content based on if they want to part of the conversations that people are talking about. Schaefer he gave the example of how he posted about Breaking Bad in other to be part of the conversation everyone was talking about and that is one of the reasons why people share content. They would want to be part of the cool kids and not feel left out when people are talking about something they do not know about.

Photo Source: Hessan, Diane. “5 Ways to Make Your Brand Thrive in the Sharing Economy.”, n.p. n.d. Web. 24 Sept. 2016.


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