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Sharing Is Caring



Chapter Three, Building Shareability into Your Content focused around the many reasons why people share content and how we can use this insight to ignite our own work . Shareability comes from content that moves. Getting content to move is the hard part, even if you have the greatest idea, or produced a hilarious video, doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to reach a wide audience. It is hard for videos and content to be shared on the internet due to the exploding information the internet produces. Majority of people will “like” posts but very seldomly will they share it. In chapter three Schaefer spends time on stating the differences between a “like” and a “share” these two are completely different. One fact I found interesting was that many people that “like” posts are supporting a political, theological, or philosophical view that may upset a general audience. They feel safer liking the post rather than sharing it and perhaps getting looked down upon from fellow followers. At the end of the day humans have one intention and that is to be liked. What people like and share ultimately says something about them self. It shares with people what they are into, what they like, and as Schaefer puts it “I’m in this club and I want to show the world!” What particularly I found interesting was the section on connection and wearable content. The example of jeans was brought up. Think about your content as if it was a pair of your favorite jeans. People buy jeans for multiple different reasons, jeans are also priced on a wide range. Majority of people aren’t just looking for something to cover their bum, but there is something about jeans that connect with them. People build an emotional connection with what they wear and pick out. What you wear reinforces a message that you are ultimately trying to portray. It is away to express yourself and get people to know what you are into before even talking to you. What you wear can refer to as an “organic reach” Fashion designers naturally connect to their customers. Personally having a love for fashion this was very interesting to read about and put into perspective. There are many different hints you can take away from a person without even having to speak with them. Lastly, a quote that stuck to me “The key to finding your remark ability is to think about what makes you surprising, interesting, or novel”(Schaefer 58).


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