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Dubstep Cat

Mark Schaefer stresses how important shareabiltiy is in this digital era. “What good is all that content if people won’t share it?” This is something all marketers must remember. It is not about a “like”, it is about someone sharing the content for their family and friends to see. There is a psychology behind all this madness. The five reasons people give in and share information is to be useful, define ourselves to others, to grow and nourish our relationships, self-fulfillment and to get the word out about causes and brands. As Lee Odden states: it is not about quality or quantity anymore, it is insight. It is about sharing content to start conversations. We are building a relationship with one another when we share content.

After reading this chapter, the first thing that came to mind was The Dubstep Cat video. It is a simple one and a half minute video that went viral. It features a guy making his cat dance to the song “Cinema”. It was posted on the web in August of 2013. Here we are three years later and the video has over 22 million hits. Sometimes videos like this go viral due to luck which in this case may very well be true. As far as businesses goes, strategies can not be planned around getting lucky. The first place I saw the video was on Facebook. I didn’t just hit “like”, I immediately shared the video. Why did I jump so quickly to share the video? Well, for several different reasons but most importantly it struck an emotional chord of mine. It made me laugh and it was unique. I knew it would have the same effect on others so I had to share it. Not only did I make a connection with my friends by sharing it but I also felt a connection with the video itself. I have a cat of my own and I am a huge fan of electric music. Whether you are a cat person or not, it is a must see video that will make you laugh.

Before the social media era, studies show that a third of everyday conversation is all about oneself (the “me-talk”). Now, the topic has become even more predominant among social media platforms. It isn’t called social media for nothing. Part of being social is maintaining relationships with friends and family and building new relationships. In order to do so, we talk about ourselves and do the best we can to make ourselves look good. One part of the chapter goes into detail about how to create social currency. If a company follows through with the strategies to do so, they are giving people an opportunity to look good while promoting your company  at the same time. We must learn ways to connect consumers with one another by creating communities. These communities are full of various personas open to sharing your content.



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I am a senior at the University of Tampa studying public relations and advertising.

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