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Chapter 3

The beginning of this chapter talks about how to make yourself known across the web. Posting something can get many likes and shares, but other things can get just as many likes, but almost no shares. So why is this? It is mostly because things that are relatable are the things that are shared. No one wants to share politics, theological or philosophical views because they don’t want to make others feel uncomfortable. It does, however, explain 5 logical reasons people do in fact share, no matter of the content.

  1. To be useful
  2. To define ourselves to others
  3. To grow and nourish relationships
  4. Self-fulfillment
  5. So get the word out about causes and brands

These 5 different reasons are mainly why people share ideas and different stories on the internet. This chapter keeps relating back to the New York Times and how iconic this newspaper has been. It also states that a New York Times study has shown that 73%of participants say that they process information “more deeply, thoroughly and thoughtfully” when they share it. I agree with this statement because after sharing something it has now become an idea that you agree with, you want others to know about and something you want to display as a part of who you are. It starts to discuss content just on the surface. It states an example about your favorite pair of jeans. Why are they your favorite? Probably because they say something about you that you want everyone to know. It can just be that you look good in them, but it may be something even deeper than that. Maybe you are wearing $500 dollar jeans and trying to display to others that you have money and can spend that on just a pair of jeans. There are many things that can be said while just deciding on what to wear. It talks a little bit about identifying your remarkability. What makes you memorable? There should be a couple of things picked out that when someone asks you about yourself you can state these things and know no one else is going to have them. There are different ways to display yourself and this chapter goes over how to show yourself to the public in an appropriate way.


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