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I Like To Be Shared!

Shareability. Apparently one of the hardest concepts a company has with their content. Not apparently, but true. Most content doesn’t get shared due to the fact that it doesn’t connect people on an emotional level. True. I can relate. Highly relate. Along with what Schaefer said about The New York Times talking about why people share: to be useful, define ourselves, grow and nourish relationships, self-fulfillment, and word-of-mouth. I share content that relates to me, defines me, and interests my friends as well. I don’t necessarily share to find friends with common interests, but I do share to let people know that I like something. I share to get likes on things. I’m a true millennial. I thrive off of the reactions I get on any post of mine through any social media channel.  But the content has to be intriguing to me. Also, I can be a “me-former.” Also a hipster and boomerang. I like sharing to benefit people sometimes too.

It’s all about the insight. Content is like being the life of the party, not the death of the party. That’d be down-right depressing, and hard to do. So don’t be a party/ content-pooper.

Like Schaefer said, It has to be remarkable content. What really caught my attention was the fun facts he presented at the beginning of a subsection. “Did you know that vending machines kill four times as many people each year than sharks?” Didn’t know that. That’s pretty remarkable.

End goal: Make everything insightful and remarkable. Whether it’s from my own social platform or through my companies platform.


One comment on “I Like To Be Shared!

  1. Philip Novotny
    September 26, 2016

    What if your publics don’t appeal to the bandwagon effect of being the life of the party?


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