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Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Can You Help Me Figure Out Who I Am Meant To Be?

After reading chapter three from the Content Code, by Mark W. Schaefer, it encouraged me to think about why people from my generation share news onto their social media outlets, and what the big hype is all about. Is it to show off the activities we’re apart of that take place in our lives? Is it to share with others personal interests and allow the public to see the type of person we are or want to be? Or is it just a competition to see whose posts can generate the most shares, likes, and views? Maybe all of the above.

After Schaefer stated that public media is a place to “define ourselves to others, to grow and nourish relationships, and for self-fulfillment purposes” (Pg. 48) those are the categories that stuck out to me and why I feel I use public media. For instance, I do not have an occupation yet and am not branding a service or product in this stage of my life. However, I am in my 20’s and trying to learn about who I am. So I ask myself, “Does Facebook and Instagram help me learn more about the person I am and aspire to be through the posts I put up or pictures I display to the public?” Yes.

For individuals from my generation and who are still young, I feel that majority of us post pictures and share different links in order to tell the public how we want to be viewed. For instance, I am a runner, so many of my posts are related to fitness and pictures of me competing in half marathons. In addition, I am very close to my family, so most of my pictures are with a relative or sibling. When I have an accomplishment, like make the deans list, I want others to see that I am very serious about my academics and a 4.0 student. By doing the action of posting these images or links or status/comment imply the idea that since I posted this, it means that I am and will be athletic, family oriented and serious about my academics? It can. It can be a tool to learn about one self’s goals, motives, and a way to physically see on screen the type of person we want to be and proof from previous events that you can be.

Personally, I feel that many people use social media outlets in order to display to their publics (might be friends, family, or everyone) the type of person they are or want to be from their posts. Through social media, it gives people the power to help them understand who they want to be and communicate it to others. Social media can be the tool for people from my generation to figure out who they are and aspire to be in life.


One comment on “Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Can You Help Me Figure Out Who I Am Meant To Be?

  1. Philip Novotny
    September 26, 2016

    Giving people the power to understand their brand is solid insight of how a company should cater towards their publics. How would it connect exclusively to individuals career choices?


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