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I Share, So You Share= WE Care!

Given that Schaefer’s book was written a little more than a year ago I am not shocked about what he had to say about sharability. A year ago on Facebook, I shared absolutely nothing on my news feed, and neither did my thousand plus friends. We most certainly were not sharing ads. I must say, I believe things have changed, and its interesting to stop and think about how so.

I am viewing my own Facebook news feed, I probably go weeks at a time without writing a post, however I am checking the app all day long, commenting and liking post. About  60% of the posts that I like and interact with most on Facebook are shared posts. Videos, news  articles, memes, and event flyers all shared content that I would otherwise have never seen. In the month of September, which is coming to an end, I have posted 11 times, and 9 of the 11 were shared posts. I shared a post from one of my best friends new clothing line and blog, I shared an event that my sorority it having, I shared the trailer for the new Power Rangers movie that will be released at the end of the year, I shared a photo of my high school friend who passed to help celebrate her birthday, I shared! I shared what I thought was funny, I shared what I wanted others to be aware of, and I shared things that I cared about.


It seems cliche to say, but for me, sharing is caring. As a young professional, who is surrounded and followed by so many other professionals, we support one another by sharing and liking. When my friends set our on entrepreneurial quests, they create pages and ask me to like and share. For me, its the very least I can do. I want to see them succeed, and although I am not in a position to make a monetary contribution, it is completely free for me to share their work and efforts.

With so many controversial issues in the news, almost every other post I read is an article about a rally, protest, or community meeting of some sort. So many people are making an effort to inform themselves and others on issues that they care about, and from the positions in which they stand. Once educated themselves they share and comment their opinions so that others may do the same. Some shares can get a little ugly in the comment sections, but I am a fan of opposition when it is respectful. Share are quite frankly how I receive a majority of my news, and I would say the same for many of my friends. I can’t count how many of our current event conversations begin with “So I read an article ___ shared on Facebook..” or “Did you read the article ____ shared on Facebook?” or even “Go read the article ___ just shared on Facebook.”

I share, so you share= we both care.


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