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Utilizing the Hashtag


Mark Scaefer shares 22 ways to make content connect with audiences. As he discusses in the previous chapter, ‘shareability’ is the key to content ignition. Without any shares, your content is basically hidden from the digital world. One tip that really caught my attention  in chapter four was: “learn to use hashtags effectively”. Some people get carried away with hashtags while others don’t use them at all. When is it a good time to use hashtags? In my opinion, just about ALL the time. Hashtags are a useful tool to use within your content. They help organize and help bring your content to the top. As Schaefer states in the text, “there is research that indicates that the presence of a hashtag could increase social transmission by as much as 70 percent on some topics. This is proof of how effective and useful hashtags can be.

All topics of communication can be presented with hashtags. Hashtags have become an integral element of a company’s participation on social media platforms. Those hashtags that generate conversations, raise awareness and engage followers are the best of the best. These kinds of hashtags have led to success stories for some companies. Schaefer mentions a few in his book which were great examples: Charmin, Make-A-Wish Foundation and DiGiorno Pizza.

The success story that instantly came to my mind was the Coca Cola #ShareaCoke campaign. It was launched in the summer of 2014 and they described it as the “Summer of Sharing”. Coca-Cola has had some amazing marketing initiatives throughout history but in my opinion this one really hit home. It is such a unique and creative idea. They began producing cans and bottles with the label “Share a Coke with…” and each can or bottle had a name or title on it. By using this hashtag #ShareaCoke, consumers could share their stories and photos for a chance to win any of the incentives Coca-Cola was offering at the time. Thinking back to the term ‘shareability’, a contest is a great way to get people involved because people want to achieve something. Coca-Cola jumped on this strategy which in return gave them a successful campaign.



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