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The Comedy Boom

Have you ever heard that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile? Well, this saying comes into effect when producing viewable content. In fact, psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott says that our first emotion in life is to respond to our mother’s smile with a smile of our own.

Now, how does this relate to getting likes, shares or retweets on your social media account? It means that joy is an essential driver to bringing people towards a company’s brand. According to Pew Research, it says that 35 percent of men in addition to 43 percent of women are trolling through Facebook in order to find funny posts.

Additional research also shows that the most shared articles on the web include three primary emotions in content: awe (25%), laughter (17%) and amusement/entertainment (15%). Therefore, people are constantly searching of happiness or any other sort of emotional high; they need to happy. This is a philosophy that public relations practitioners should continue to use in order to reach their intended publics.

However, this comedy boom amongst companies obviously has an ulterior motive and inspiration behind it. AgoraPulse identifies that keywords that give such an inspiration like give (consumer discounts and deals), advice (tips about everyday concerns), warning (dangers regarding a specific audience), inspire (empowering quotes) and unite (highlighting a community issue).

Through comedy, it allows all these avenues of emotional inspiration to be shared with target audiences, leading into positive relationship building, which is music to the ears of a public relations professional.

The downside to this is that comedy can get too forced and lead to a tuned-out audience. Talking about yourself, being way too edgy your offensive with your comedy, being too obscure or niche, unclear content production and asking for likes are all counterproductive ways in using comedy to market to you publics.

To tie this altogether, comedy plays a huge factor in social media marketing, but you need to be creative in how that’s conveyed to those that you want to target.

Photo Credit: Persian Dutch Network


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