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Monthly Archives: October, 2016

Be Everywhere at Once

Distribution of content is a key way of attracting an audience. Once upon a time it was simply enough just to write a new blog post everyday like Mitch Joel … Continue reading

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Tricking Google

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, embodies a $30 billion industry with the sole purpose of tricking Google.

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E-mail: Ancient or Amazing?

Chapter 8 in Mark Schaeffer’s The Content Code discusses different ways of distribution of your content.  Having multiple channels for your content to be distributed on is a crucial aspect of … Continue reading

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In the WHO– you know?

I’ll be graduating here in December, and the day comes closer and closer , I constantly consider the people in my network. I have done so many amazing things during … Continue reading

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This week’s chapter touches on a number of different things related to advertising, distribution, promotion and search engine optimization. However, I think one of the points brought up relating to … Continue reading

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More distribution – More promotion

Distribution is a main aspect talked about in Chapter 8 of the Content Code. It mainly strives to get the message of the opportunity of passing an idea across. There … Continue reading

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Partially BADASS

Not only finding your niche, but using other methods is an effective way to reach new audiences. You might be hitting Content Shock, but no worries, BADASS has you covered. … Continue reading

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Cultural Media Channels

Social Media Channels are ways to put out content  and this is a very strong effective way.When putting content out there one needs to know what channels that most of … Continue reading

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A Like For A Like

In chapter 9 of the Content Code, Mark Schaeffer talks about something different than the rest of his book thus far.  Rather than the importance of your content, it’s the … Continue reading

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30 Days to Brand Discovery

Create content every day for 30 days to discover and develop your personal online brand.

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Tag! You’re “It”

In this chapter, Schaefer focuses a lot of attention on the individual, and what they may bring to the table in hopes of establishing a Heroic Brand. Two things really … Continue reading

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You Get What You Give

The Heroic Brand has several different meaning’s that were described in this chapter, but one that stuck with me was what makes a brand heroic is simply igniting who you … Continue reading

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If the Parking lot is full it must be GOOD!

“If the parking lot is full, it must be good.” This is the philosophy my father uses when trying a new place to eat. The opposite is true as well, … Continue reading

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Are You A Hero?

This chapter discusses why in some cases and not in others, blogs go viral. It is not based on anything that he previously talked about in the book, but completely … Continue reading

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Building Personality

When creating a brand it is good to think about your fans and those that keep up with your content. It gets them to keep following your content and it … Continue reading

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A Human Way About It

I think it’s true what Chris Brogan said about your content and personal self and how it should be intertwined on the internet; because we no longer live in a time that allows you to be one person online and another in person and be successful…

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We can be Heroes

Stop focusing on promoting your content, and focus on others. In order to build and maintain relationship, you must form them. With everyone. Through every social media platform. Connection and … Continue reading

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Give and You Shall Receive

Everyone has a personal brand based on what others think of them but not everyone has a heroic brand. Having a heroic brand is all about the individual who created … Continue reading

October 22, 2016 · 3 Comments

The Rise and Fall of Content Fame

Jay Baer, author of Youtility, has over 200,000 followers on Twitter. In his bio Baer claims that he is “The most re-tweeted personal in the world among digital marketers.” What … Continue reading

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