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Shareability is the key to knowing you are producing reliable, informative content that your readers love. In this chapter Mark Schaefer shares how important it is to create unique hashtags that tie in with your posts, include a picture with blogs, and don’t stop being yourself. The only way you will stand out from other people and competition is by doing something other people can’t do, and that simply is staying true to yourself and making posts come from your perspective. In today’s society majority of people spend most of their day online writing posts, sharing, tweeting, and liking all different sorts of content. Schaefer lets us in on a few of his tricks he uses to ignite shareability. One of the first points was to make sure you add a sharing button to your blog / website. Sometimes webpages will have these widgets turned off which you will have to switch on in your settings. The easier you have your page to read and for someone to share it the faster your content will take off. Make sure your page is up to date, and reflects your personality. The second important fact Schaefer went over was creating catchy headlines. Headlines are one of the most important things to create, it can either grab a reader to read and view your content or won’t have them interested enough to open it. In the ever changing world today you only have a viewers attention for a couple of seconds. If you don’t pull them in within the headline they won’t be interested in any of the other information or posts you might have on your page. To create a catchy headline keep it short, personable, and sometimes you can add in a number. “The headline hints at something personal, unique, and revealing. Create content that only you can create”(Schaefer 95). Another tip is properly using hashtags Many businesses have flourished due to a clever hashtag creating a large conversation within readers. An example from the book Schaefer talked about was Charmin toilet paper. In 2013 Charmin created a hashtag called #tweetfromtheseat. This hashtag took off like a wild fire. It was a great idea the company came up with after finding out 40% of people tweet and access the social web from the bathroom. The hashtag was was fun and playful and seen as funny and positive.


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