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Did you read the reviews!?

I have to say, I enjoyed reading all of the 22 tips Schaefer had to offer for making good impressions on consumers. As a consumer I couldn’t agree more.  I was tickled by some of his tips and reasoning’s because of how true they are. No matter what decision I am making, I have to run it by someone, my mom, brothers, friends, coworkers, someone! Not only because I trust their opinions, but sometimes just because I want to make sure that if  I am making the wrong decisions, someone else also thought it to be the right choice to make, you know, shared blame. 🙂

Most people enjoy trying new things, new restaurants, new shopping centers, new entertainment venues, new foods, even new friends. I am most certainly one of those people. When I’m up for trying something new, unless recommended to by my someone I know and trust, the first thing I do is research and read reviews. It is always just as fun as actually taking part in something new, the research that takes place before. If I’m looking to try a new restaurant, I decide what type of food I want, what location I want to try, and how much I want to spend. The I hop on Google, and the search begins, I’ll search restaurants’ websites, view their menus, and most importantly READ THEIR REVIEWS.

It’s sometime frightening how different a restaurant’s opinion of themselves can be, compared to their publics opinion of them. In my experience reading reviews, most of them are pretty true. The extremely bad and extremely good ones are usually outliers and stretched a bit. Overall I am an avid believer, “truster,” and reader of consumer reviews.

As a company, I feel you should encourage and take very seriously your consumer reviews, one because consumers are more likely to believe even stranger who have used your product over you. As Schaefer mention in chapter 4, a family member or friend recommendation or positive view on your company or product heavily influences consumer behavior.

I would hope that companies, brands, and organizations take it a step further and communicate with consumers who take the time to review their products, whether the consumer had good or bad things to say. As a consumer it would make me feel as the brand, company, or organization truly cares about their consumers experience and opinion.

Here is the link to my absolute favorite place to read restaurant reviews: 🙂 untitled



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