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Not Another Registration

The other day I was online shopping for my birthday. I was scrolling down the page of clothes when I found something I kind of liked. However, as I proceeded to add the article into my cart, a sign pops up and fills the entire screen. The only way to make this popup disappear was to create an account and give some information about me. This immediately seemed like a huge waste of my time, and putting this dress into my shopping cart became irrelevant.

After conducting studies, researchers have found I am not the only one turned off by the need to register. According to “The Content Code,”when a large company tried removing the annoyance of registering sales increased by an $300 million (Schaefer 71). However, even though research has proven these sign ups hurt business, companies are still timid to abandon the practice. These companies feel that if they are giving someone their services free of charge, they should be given something in return. By prompting web visitors to give their email and personal information, companies are more guaranteed of their return. However, playing it safe will not help your content get more traffic.

One industry that relies tremendously on social media is the workout world. Tons of trainers have made their fortune off of workout programs and diet plans, using Instagram as their main promotion tool. The amount of content each trainer gives varies from entire workouts to simple photo advertisements. However, it is the trainers that give the most social content that sell the most product. Looking at the surface of this business transaction it makes little sense. Why would people buy a workout tape they have already seen most of?

In my last post I talked about how sharing content was like going “Facebook official” with a new relationship. People take the content they share and interact with extremely seriously. Schaefer explains that “business relationships are built on trust” (Schaefer 72). Similar to relationships, consumers need to build a bond with the company in order to trust them. If a business chooses to limit what information they present to the public, it makes it almost impossible for potential consumers to trust them. You wouldn’t start dating someone just because they say they will be a great partner. In order to begin a relationship, you need to actually get to know the person first.

In a world where content is everywhere, developing relationships with potential consumers is critical. If people are shopping your website or looking at your workout programs, they are expecting a simple and informative experience. Annoying your consumers by registration forms and hidden material will only drive them to the next content that fulfills those needs. In order to have successful content, companies need to have faith in their content and their customer loyalty.


One comment on “Not Another Registration

  1. francescajo
    October 3, 2016

    I agree with your post about there are business that want people to register and honestly I find it really annoying. And yes I liked how you quoted Schaefer and stated that, “business relationships are built on trust” and really that is true and that is something consumers look for when they are interact with the products from any business to be honest.


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