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Top Tips for Tasteful Tweets (well all social media posts)

In Chapter 4 of Mark Schaeffer’s The Content Code he shares with us 22 tips about achieving “content ignition”.  I enjoyed reading about each and every tip as well as thinking about the posts I click on or share and seeing if they follow the same tips that Schaeffer shares with us.

One of the tips that stood out to me was tip #6; Remember that the most important part of your content is not your content.  As crazy as that sounds, it’s so true! You may have the most mind-blowing content in your post, but if you’re not grabbing a viewer’s attention as they scroll through the thousands of posts on their social media, then no one will ever see your mind-blowing content. Simple as that, you need to get people to click before they can realize how great your content is. What do people see first then? Headline. Schaeffer explains how you need a short headline that grabs your attention with descriptive words without misleading the reader.  Also, since your headline is so crucial, you must put time into crafting it! Don’t go with the three word summary of what your content is; think about it!

To follow along with tip #6, another great way to get people to click is in tip #7; Be visual. Schaeffer explains how after reading something people usually remember 10% of what they read. BUT, if there’s a photo attached, they’re likely to remember 65% of what they’ve read.  I know for a fact when I’m looking at articles popping up on my newsfeed, I’m mostly looking at what photos I see and if the photo catches my attention I’ll see what it’s attached to. In fact, 74% of all Facebook brand posts now have photos in their posts (Shcaeffer 78).

Since I am an avid social media user and spend a lot of my downtime scrolling through Facebook reading random posts (and sharing them if I’m really feeling it) I think I have a good idea of what a good, shareable post calls for.  Here are a few of the things I think are in a shareable post according to Schaeffer and my social media savvy self.

  1. GOOD, eye-catching headline
  2. Interesting photo
  3. Lists!! (even if there’s a paragraph after the bolded list point, I never want to just read an article that looks like an essay)
  4. Effective hashtags
  5. Tapping into FOMO (never thought of this but LOVE the concept)

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