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More Than Just a Follower

The Alpha Audience is an intriguing concept Mark Schaefer bring up in chapter five of the Content Code. This particular demographic are the fans who will not just stand there and support you but get out on the front line and do something for you. They put action behind their fandom. However, finding the people that are a part of your Alpha Audience is a task within its self. As Mark describes this group may not be the most active online users or active followers. This group can largely be made up of the people that are sharing your content in a much quieter way. This can be throw word of mouth, sharing links through text or good old fashion emailing.

To really get your content to be exposed and talked about you have to understand that “not all social media fans and followers are created equal”. (page 100) There is a difference between the followers that are strong-links and weak-links, and odds are majority of your following is comprised of weak-links. What this means is that you can have hundreds, thousands, and hundreds of thousands of followers but that doesn’t guarantee that you have any impression or power over them to do anything. Make sure that your interactions and content leave an impression on your followers so they can be inspired to get behind you.

“A large following on the social channels can make you feel important, but you need to look pass the ego-driven need for bigger numbers and devote time to finding and nurturing the only audience that matters, the Alphas”. (page 107) You want to find the Shonali Burkes of Alphas, the type of fan that will share your content religiously because of their faith in you. This relationship doesn’t sprout overnight, instead it takes time but the payoff is worth it when you have a strong baking of not just fans but Alphas.


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