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Alpha Audience – Ch 5

I found this chapter to be very eye opening regarding social media as a whole. In the beginning the author mentions trying to raise money via social media for his favorite charity. Having a large audience on social media can seem difficult, but after he tried to reach all of his target through social media the outcome was more positive than expected. Reaching a total of more than 600 people, he raised over $6,000. In reality on 92 people out of the 650 people total actually donated, but but 650 people shared the story and encouraged others to make a donation. Then the author dove into celebrity influencing. After seeing a post that has been seen on twitter 3 MILLION times, he looked into how many donations this celebrity actually gathered. He found out that only one donation was made after this was viewed 3 million times. This is shocking to me to know how many people have viewed this versus how many people actually took the time and money to donate. Influence clearly does not come from audience size alone. Building this audience is a hard task in itself. Reports show that only 46% of adult internet users are “creators” who post original photos and videos online. Even fewer – 41 percent of adults – have actively transmitted content they have found online. This means that more than half of internet adult users are either not doing much on social media or taking other people’s photos and videos to share.

Building the alpha audience through involvement is one of the most powerful ways to create an alpha audience of your own. Some major companies like GoPro, urban outfitters, Tourism Austrailia and J. Crew built their alpha audience through involvement. This chapter helps give some tips from experts about creating your own alpha audience:

Above all, be interesting. – I think this is one of the biggest components of creating a following on any social media platform. No one wants to see the same photo or video they saw ten times already with just a different caption. People want to see something that captures their attention and strikes immediate interest.

Don’t publish when you “should” – This becomes one of the most commonly used tactics in social media. A company “should” post a month, two weeks and a day before their event. Why follow these rules? This is what everyone else is doing. Create something new.

Never take the audience for granted. – Your audience is your number one fan and has stuck by you this entire time. If it wasn’t for your audience you would not have the success and drive you do today, so be thankful.

Overall, this chapter was very interesting to read and I think I learned a lot on how to be different and put my own spin on things when it comes to learning social media tactics.


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