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Alpha Influence Marketing


In Chapter Five of Content Code Mark Schaefer spends much time talking about Influence marketing which is referred to as “a plan to find ways for trusted online personalities and experts to become advocates who spread your content – it is real, and its important”(Schaefer 127). Influence marketing is getting stretched and over used, many people think they need to rely on this technique to get their content to blow up with followers and reviews but it doesn’t always work out that way. For Schaefer it didn’t work out exactly as he planned it to. After getting one of his blogs retweeted by Guy Kawasaki who has a ton of followers, Schaefer’s views and followers sky rocketed quickly but within the next couple of days started to dwindle. Nothing stayed constant, and because of the high page views that one day it caused his website to crash. There are three different types of influencers known as the celebrity, the niche influencer, and true advocates. The celebrity influencer is a great way to get your product seen by a huge following but comes at a very high cost. To promote your content you need a whooping $200,000 per tweet (Kim Kardashian for instance). The Niche Influencer is a web star who also has a wide range of audience. A broader spectrum, and is often looked at by agencies and marketers. They focus more on technology, food, videos, how to tutorials, recipes, fashion and style. These bloggers can be found on youtube channels, vine, Facebook, Instagram, and twitter and are self made, only famous because of the content they have created on the web at the right time. To get a niche influencer you can get them to promote your product by usually sending them free samples, and products. This is a more reasonable price. Lastly, are true advocates. These are people that have supported your content / products from day one, and truly love you. This is known as an alpha audience. A “high” real audience that is your main supporters. They back your content with powerful reviews and get your product around by word-of-mouth and sharing. I found this very interesting because I have seen this take off on many different social media platforms. I think influence marketing started on Instagram and has slowly spread to other social media accounts. Majority of my newsfeed on Instagram now is promotions, I see not only celebrity influencers but also friends of mine with high followings promoting products, so I found this chapter to be very relatable and interesting to read about.


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One comment on “Alpha Influence Marketing

  1. francescajo
    October 10, 2016

    I like this post you really put everything out there and explained what each market is and how it all relates back to the alpha audience and how they can be influenced. I like how you use Kim Kardashian as the opening picture because she is someone that most companies use nowadays when it comes to trying to sell their products on social media such as Instagram.


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