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Zappos: The Power to Ignite

In Chapter five of the Content Code, Mark Schaefer discusses the importance of having an Alpha Audience. This is not always a large audience. Sometimes it is only five percent of a companies total site visitors. They are the ones who believe in a company at the deepest level. They have the most trust in that company. Trust is what connects them with the people who truly matter in their digital world. Schaefer says getting the audience involved with the content creation process is the key to gaining an Alpha Audience. Social media allows us to engage with our audience in the most powerful and cost effective way. He even lists a few companies that build an Alpha Audience through involvement.

I immediately thought of Zappos. In my opinion, they have the ultimate Alpha Audience. Zappos is an example of a company who has embraced social media. Years ago, they were one of the first companies to embrace a Twitter aggregation. Since then, they have done so much to stay connected with their audience through creative campaigns. In June, they launched their #ImNotABox campaign. Their motto for this campaign: “Inspiring people to not just see the Zappos box, but also themselves and the world with a new perspective”.

Every time a customer ordered a pair of shoes, their shoes would be shipped in a box full of activities. With a pair of scissors, customers are encouraged to cut out the various activities in the shoe box to spend hours playing the family-friendly games. From there, they can share a picture or video of themselves with their family members playing the games. They want their customers to reignite their imagination by sharing those memories and creations on their social media. By doing so, Zappos has the ability to feature any of their customers on their #ImNotABox website.


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I am a senior at the University of Tampa studying public relations and advertising.

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