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Building a Strong Bond

Social Media nowadays can be very hard to trust because of what is put out there and sometimes people do not always trust the content that they see. Bloggers, celebrities etc. are used to advertise products for companies and something that really matters is building a good strong relationship.

When I see a celebrity like Amber Rose or Blac Chyna advertising a weight loss tea or any product they supposedly use I question the product and I want to know if its real because sometimes products do not necessarily work out. When using these people it is building content within social media with the product.

According to Schaefer, “The gatekeepers are no longer publishers, editors and advertising executives on Madison Avenue. We all have the power to build a content-sharing Alpha Audience and create influence on the web through our content.”(101) This quote from the author means anyone can put content out there but it just depends on the alpha audience that you are trying to reach because they matter. IT does not have to be professionals that put content out there but it can be everyday bloggers or normal people that can do such.

Alpha Audiences are key when it comes to content and putting it out there because you need to be able to involve this particular audience so they will stay and buy the product from these celebrities etc. They need to be involved with the whole content and there numerous ways that companies can do this because it makes the alpha audience to feel they are part of something and that the company that they are buying their products truly care about them.

A company could do giveaways or find a way to feature the the shoppers in this target audience in any form of their advertising. For example, Forever 21 does this with their customers on their Instagram page. On their website they also feature the Instagram page, what they do is they tell their customers to put on their favorite outfit from the store and put a particular hashtag and they will have the chance of it being put on the companies social media page. Building a strong bond between the alpha audience and their customers is key doing things like what Forever 21 or other companies did is key in keeping their customers sticking around and it will make them in someway trust them. Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 9.11.44 AM.png

Photo Source: “Florida Association of School Social Workers.”Wordpress., n.d.Web. 10 Oct. 2016.



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One comment on “Building a Strong Bond

  1. Taylor McIntyre
    October 10, 2016

    I really liked your post and the way you related the alpha audience back to relevant social media outlets and people that a lot of people our age are engaged with. I think Forever 21’s possibility of being featured on their website is such a good way to keep their shoppers/audience engaged with them on social media and also buying their clothes so they’re able to create these posts and be featured.

    Liked by 1 person

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