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Do Your Alphas Really Care?

Although you may have 300k followers on Instagram, how many of these followers are actually paying attention to your posts?  And by paying attention, I don’t mean just glancing at your photo and possibly throwing you a like. I mean truly engaging with your posts.  Are they sharing on their own social media? Tagging friends? Maybe even texting, e-mailing or sharing with them in person?  How many of your followers are truly paying attention to your posts?

Well, the members of your followers that are actively engaging with your posts are known as your Alpha Audience. According to Google research, your Alpha Audience is 250 times more likely to actively engage with your posts than the rest of your followers (97).  Creating an Alpha Audience can be half the battle of a company and their social media accounts.  There are a number of ways to begin to get your audience more involved and engaged with your social media posts.

One of the ways that I found most interesting is getting your audience involved. What do people love more than your products? Themselves! So get your audience involved in your posts and bam! Suddenly your viewers may be actively engaging with your social media outlets.

A boutique that I love to shop at when I’m home on Long Island is Mixology.  And one of the things they are most known for is their social media.  They created a hashtag call #HowIMix and feature girls wearing their outfits.  In the last two years their social media has taken off and if you’re a local, you definitely follow @shopmixology, stop by to try on their clothes (take pics and make friends with the girls who work there so they’ll take pictures of you) and try and make it on their Instagram because then everyone knows you’re trendy.


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