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“Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”

Just recently I have become obsessed with the YouTuber Kathleen Lights. Kathleen is a makeup artist who posts videos every other week about makeup reviews and new looks. The weird thing is I’m not into makeup at all, but I can still watch her videos all day. Not only have I subscribed to Kathleen on YouTube, I have also followed her on every other form of social media. Kathleen has created an alpha audience, an incredibly loyal following that has allowed her to create a successful business. Mark W. Schaefer, author of “The Content Code,” describes an alpha audience as “an elite and engaged tribe on top of the social media sharing food chain” (Schaefer 97).  When content creators successfully build a well established audience, their success will begin to rise.


I first stumbled across Kathleen Lights videos when I was trying to find quality drugstore products. This search led me to Kathleen’s videos where I was amazed to see someone make makeup so engaging. After just one video I felt like I was one of Kathleen’s friends. She was real, honest, and I trusted her opinion off the bat. Joyce Cheerier is a health and wellness writer that understands the importance of “being real” with your audience. Cheerier told Schaefer that, “Making my content as personal and applicable to my life as possible makes my core audience feel more like old friends…” (Schaefer 122). I could have clicked on any other video in the time I spent watching Kathleen’s video, but I was already obsessed within the first 20 seconds. Kathleen has no problem letting people know her personally and life story. The reason she has become so successful is because her alpha audience feels like they are her best friend. Because Kathleen’s audience knows more about her personal life, they are more likely to trust her.


Besides “being real” with your audience it is also important to not view them as just another “fan.” Chris Brogan, CEO of Owner Media Group, says “I believe sharing what I believe will draw others who believe similarly to find me” (Schaefer 123). Fans are helpful when it comes to turning profit, but allies will actually go forward and spread your message. For example, Kathleen sells her own makeup that generates a lot of positive reviews and turns profits. However, her allies are the ones that will not only buy her makeup but also share her site and story with their social media world.


As mentioned in all my past posts, it is imperative to understand that the quality of your content means nothing if it is not being shared. By taking the time to build relationships with your audience, it will be easier to understand who you are trying to reach. However, in order to build these relationships, you must be willing to open up yourself. Kathleen Lights would not have the career she does if people just thought she liked makeup. People keep watching and sharing because they are her allies that genuinely want her to succeed.

Kathleen’s Youtube


One comment on ““Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”

  1. toriwarren95
    October 10, 2016

    I really enjoy the personal aspect of your blog, it related well to the chapter. Would you call yourself an alpha fan or just a regular fan that enjoys miss Light’s videos?


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