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It’s About Us. Trust.

Borrowing Trust. Chapter six.

Interesting, I could say the least. Trust is a huge factor in marketing. You build a foundation off of trust. You build a brand off of trust. You build everything off of trust.

Like Scheaffer discussed, if you can’t find your Alpha Audience, you resort to the trusted online personalities and experts. There’s a lot of benefits for borrowed trust.

A couple that stand out to me the most is, Social Proof. Basically having that trust with authority that establishes your relationship with the public. Also, New Markets Exposure. Combining products with influencers that ignite interest in new customers.  Probably the most worthy deliverable. I believe this would work anywhere.

Relating this to my own company, I would love to use this tactic. Bringing in new faces to promote us and help us grow. We’ve done it before and we’ve had a lot of views and hits. There were actually people lining us at our shop to take a picture with this celebrity that bought his motorcycle from us. It was awesome! But having that intriguing and sh arable content is the biggest part.

Trust is a huge factor within any company. That’s what drive traffic and users to you.


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