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Can I Get a Standing Ovation for the Influencers?

In chapter 6 of the Content Code, Mark Schaefer discusses the importance of influence marketing. It is another aspect of gaining the Alpha Audience in the most effective way. Staying connected to a “borrowed” audience will help you reach your marketing goals. Although, having the most important people, such as celebrities, share your content does not always lead to success. Many people just want their content to go viral but there are downsides to this. Schaefer gives an example about his twitter post that got over 500% more views than usual and 98% were new viewers. This is great in a sense that he had new eyes on his page but but the audience is nothing like the Alpha Audience. There was no big impact from this one single post going viral because as soon as the new viewers were done reading they were off of the site. I would compare this to a hit and run. They jumped on the bandwagon for a second but soon lost interest or were too lazy to look deeper into his content. His ultimate goal was for them to subscribe which was unsuccessful, so this is when any content curator must turn to his or her Alpha Audience.

There are three types of influencers: celebrities, niche influencers and true advocates. Not all influencers are beneficial to a company. It all depends on what the company is marketing. Celebrity endorsements are popular but will put a hole in your pocket. Most celebrities are endorsing those fortune 500 companies and nonprofit organizations. For example, Michael Phelps earns about $10 million a year just in celebrity endorsements. He has his face on big name brand products such as Louis Vuitton, Under Armor, Hilton and many more. This is why working hard for the other two influencers is so important especially when starting from the bottom. You must find the niche influencers who are usually one single person with a huge social media following. They are much easier to reach than a celebrity. If you befriend them then you have yourself a true advocate. They are the ones who will most likely stick around forever. They are passionate about your content and want to stand by your side. Some of them have a strong social media presence while some of them are quiet but are strong with word-of-mouth marketing.


About Taylor Young

I am a senior at the University of Tampa studying public relations and advertising.

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