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Can we trust them?!

Trust is very hard to achieve sometimes very hard to achieve when it comes to relationship because a lot of people have trust issues. There are a lot of people out there that use different brands and they use them either based on the influence that they receive from their friends or who is using that particular brand.

There are so many celebrities that are used for sell products nowadays and they are paid a lot of money. According to the textbook it states, “Today many companies still align themselves with stars. These celebrities have a vast audience and may not even have a deep connection to the products they’re promoting.”(131) Companies use all these high class celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Demi Lovato to promote make-up or teas on social media.

It would be better for these companies to use true advocates to influence their brand not because they are the ones that will influence the public and they are going to be the ones actually really products not because they are trying to sell the product but they actually use the products on a daily basis. In the book it says, “The true advocates might be the teen who makes videos of her shopping spree at your store, the skateboarder who is never seen without his can of Dr Pepper, or even the quiet fan realms of dark social media worships your work quietly and talks it with her friends and family.”(133)

When a brand is truly is trying to build their name they should get people that can advocate for them that they can trust and build a relationship with. Like for example, with Groove they were able to build relationships with influencers and that is something brands should try to do. Its brought up success for them because they were able to use people who the public could really relate to than just a high paying celebrity.



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