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Trust is Key

In this chapter it discusses different kinds of marketing traction as well as building trust with your audience. For example, influence marketing is a plan to find ways for trusted online personalities and experts to become advocates who spread your content. There are many different aspects to going viral on the internet. Every new blogger on the internet always wants one business superstar to share their content. Going outside of the normal realm can be scary, you can also reach a lot of new people. Getting people to share your content can be difficult, but there are people that will see your perspective and share it with others. There are three types of influencers. The celebrity influencer, the niche influencer, and the true advocate. The celebrity influencer, this is the influencer that will promote your company, business, story, etc for insane amounts of money from their own outlets. For instance, Kim Kardashian will promote your content for $200,000 per tweet. The niche influencer is a web star most sought-after today by agencies and marketers. They are powerful, self made industry leaders consistently creating content to establish their authority and expertise. Lastly, the true advocate needs no convincing. They are already one of your fans and will do this for free because they like it so much. And if you treat them right, they’ll probably stick with you. There are many benefits of borrowed trust. One example is authentic advocacy, which is if you can establish a long-term connection with an influencer that result in a strong relationship and trust advocacy there is probably no other more effective way to ignite you ideas and products. The results – not only did most influencers promote the post, but almost all of them also commented on the new blog. This means that they shared it with other people but also liked it themselves enough to comment. Influencers are needed in almost any advertising and PR job. Without having people influence other people and promote your product, not many people will be able to see it.


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