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Network for Connections


In Chapter 6 of Content Code, Schaefer talks about borrowing trust to grow your brand and connections. There are many benefits to borrowing trust, it helps your brand grow as well as the person’s that you are borrowing from. It helps you reach a higher audience which leads to more network connections. The more you network and the more connections you are the more you have a chance of growing your brand and following. I found this chapter to be interesting. Each and every day whether we recognize it or not we are meeting and growing as individuals. We meet new people we have never met before and learn something new. We can ultimately learn and expand are minds from each person we encounter. I am a firm believer that you cross paths with people for a reason, we might not find that reason out but they help form us into the person we are today. In this chapter Schaefer talks about true advocates, people that stick with you forever. The more alpha audience you attract the more you will be liked by people which leads to a bigger influencer list. Many of the benefits talked about with borrowed trust was 1. influencer list, 2. forge relationships, 3.The Ask, 4. The Ask (part 2), and 5. results. After reading this chapter I related it to a saying I was told at a young age and have engraved in my head which is, it all comes down to who you know. If you don’t know anyone it is harder to grow in any aspect of life. The more people you meet, the more conversations you engage in, the more you break out of your comfort zone the better of a chance you have with creating a following and higher audience. Without knowing anyone you won’t be able to find trust to borrow, or people to advocate your brand. Lastly, through every engagement you have in life with people you meet you never know how they might be able to help you reach another level, so be friendly and wise with every encounter you might have.


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