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Ooops! …That Turned Out Great!

In this chapter, what I enjoyed most about Schaefer’s advice about getting your message our to the masses, is the idea of borrowing someone else’s audience. Through my own experiences this has been how I myself have gained access to many things I now enjoy on a daily basis.

How many times have we thought we made a mistake and it actually ends up turning out better than what we originally planned? For instance, I enjoy reading a blog that I would have otherwise never known existed if I hadn’t allowed my roommate to use my IPad. She didn’t close the browser, so the next time I picked it up, I scrolled through and now I’m hooked. reading-clipart-clip-art-reading-149402.jpg

This is  how I imagine borrowing an audience would work in the communications field, with the intent of hopefully creating loyal audience members for your content or message. Stumbling across an audience, and using other communicator’s style of messaging to shape your message, is a sure way to influence those outside your target audience. If the message is successful in speaking to that new audience, there it is! Your message is out. It’s out to an entirely new market, who is connected to a whole new network in their daily lives. I imagine it being a spiral effect.

Being that is techniques is popular among communications professionals, it is understood that this is done professionally. Communication is a trickle down effect, is the message is prepared successfully, and you know what works and doesn’t work for the audience you’re after (which is the tricky part) you’re headed in the direction of success.


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