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Who would you borrow?

We learned in the last chapter of Mark Schaeffer’s Content Code that having an Alpha Audience is an important part of getting people to interact with your online content. Your Alpha Audience are the people who truly interact with your content rather than just notice it during their daily scroll through Facebook or maybe throw you a like. They SHARE your content and TALK about your content. So what if you don’t have an Alpha Audience? Can you borrow someone else’s audience? Well sure you can!

In chapter 8, Schaeffer tells about the three types of influencers.  The first is an easy one.. The Celebrity.  We all know one of the most common ways for companies to get people to trust them and believe in their product is have people’s favorite celebrities endorse them.  But, nowadays since we know celebrities are usually getting paid for these endorsements, it becomes hard for us to believe that they really believe in the product they’re advertising.  Kylie Jenner, do Sugar Bear Hair vitamins really work, or is it just your great selection of expensive wigs?

I think in today’s society, the better group of influencers are “The Niche Influencers”.  YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram are full of normal and random non-celebrities who become known as experts for certain products and lifestyles. As a 21-year-old girl, I know a ton of girls who get all of their hair/make-up/clothing advice from YouTubers who focus solely on those products.  For the girls who are super into their make-up, they would never buy something based on what a celebrity said, they go to the “Niche Influencers” who give tutorials and video reviews on all the products. In the 21st century, these people have become such huge influencers on consumers.

So, personally I think if you don’t have your own Alpha Audience, the Niche Influencers is where you want to go, make some friends and borrow some followers.


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