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30 Days to Brand Discovery


Developing yourself (through reading or video content) can help you discover your personal brand. Photo courtesy of

My boss calls it my “Enlightenment Phase.”

Last spring, I went a little over-the-top with personal development, spending at least an hour daily for at least two months. One of my role models in social media content creation – Nadia Melton – challenged her audience to join her in creating delicious content every single day. Specifically, for 30 days.

The idea is that by creating a live video, you get to understand and define your brand, and niche topic. By doing it daily, you get more and more confident, your content gets better, and you grow an audience.  The big idea behind your content should be: how are you going to ADD VALUE today? How do you serve others today with your existence? In Mark Schaefer’s The Content Code, Chris Brogan echoes the concept of adding value to an audience by serving them with your content.


Creating content, such as live videos on Periscope or Facebook Live gets easier the more do you push record. Plus, the live audience can ask questions, which help you create more content! Photo couresy of

For those who don’t know what to talk about every day in their content, the solution is simple. Learn something new or go deeper into a subject you know and are passionate about. Then turn around and teach others. One easy way to do this is provide steps or numbers that people can easily share (Brogan endorses this tactic of steal-enabled content, too)! For example, a video topic could be “5 Ways to Explode Your Real Estate Social Media.” By making someone laugh, or telling them something new, you are adding to their life and adding value to them, while serving them with content they can use.

When I started on this 30 day challenge of creating content, I chose my medium: Periscope. I loved the idea of a live audience that could ask me questions as I talked, which would then give me more content ideas. But then I ran into the question – what is my brand? How do I present my content? While I can make people laugh occasionally, comedy isn’t exactly my angle or niche. I’d like to think I’m informative and smart, and yet I didn’t want to be seen as the teacher personality either. With this dilemma in mind, I did what any social-savy college kid would do –I consulted Snapchat.

In a simple 10 second video, I asked 110 of my closest friends and followers what they thought my personal brand was (through directly sending it, as well as posting to my story). I clarified by asking what they thought of when they thought of me. If you want a confidence boost – I highly recommend trying this out. Within minutes I had a flood of snaps – videos, chats and photos – of people telling me exactly what they thought of me. One of my closest friends left the platform to text me personally and ask if I was okay or if I was having an identity crisis. After assuring her this was for research, I eagerly hopped back on Snapchat to get a better picture of how my social media audience viewed me. Interestingly enough, an overwhelming amount of people used the same word to describe me: bubbly.

With my “It Factor” discovered, I embarked on my brand-discovery journey and met some amazing friends while pushing out fresh content daily. While I have much further to go, I’m intentional with my transformation from online personal to the brand of Cylie.


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