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A Human Way About It

I think it’s true what Chris Brogan said about your content and personal self and how it should be intertwined on the internet; because we no longer live in a time that allows you to be one person online and another in person and be successful. This affects me personally, my online persona does not weigh in on controversial headlines, have a distinct opinion about anything, or stir the pot. But if you have ever met me in person I am not afraid of sharing my opinion or views and most people appreciate what I am saying. Because of not fully intertwining myself in my content I don’t have nearly as many followers or the kind of followers that connect when I do post something.

Reciprocity is the main reason that I get any feedback on my content. Very seldom if ever do I write comments on other people’s content or share their content, the most I ever do is click the like button. However, because of that I think that is why I only ever receive likes on the content I post. According to Mark Schaefer the “difference between indebtedness in the “real world” and on the Internet, is that it can be created on the social web with little or no effort, even by just by clicking a “Like” button on Facebook, or retweeting a message for a friend. In these cases, expending very little effort can still create expectations of that if ‘I moved your content, you need to move mine.’” (page 145) Taking a stand and having a continue message is what is going to keep followers coming and staying because they know what to expect.

The list created to help those who want to step towards becoming a heroic brand can be helpful to individuals or a company of any size. With the way things are changing in marketing the public wants to see real people behind the brand and not just a highly developed marketing strategy. The most important step in my opinion for what could help my content is marketing myself. I need to figure out what I want my online presence to reflect about me and feel confident in sharing that.  


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A tenacious spirit that has a great love for shoes and is ready to dive into the professional world this spring!

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