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Are You A Hero?

This chapter discusses why in some cases and not in others, blogs go viral. It is not based on anything that he previously talked about in the book, but completely based on who you are. Everyone has a personal brand about themselves, this is not to be confused with what YOU think about YOU, but what OTHERS think about YOU. What do people say about you? Online, as in the real world, if somebody does us a favor, we feel a powerful obligation to repay the debt. Sociologists report that there is no human society that does not subscribe to this rule. The difference between the online world and the real world is there is no “like” button in the real world. You can say so much with that one button. Sharing something means it had an impact on you and you want to show others, or maybe you just really like the author. Whatever it is, sharing and liking posts are subjective to the internet. Heroic brands in the year 1900 might have been the doctor who travelled through the night by horse to heal a sick child or a banker who bent the rules to help a customer in desperate need. We worked with people we believed in, we enjoy liking and sharing their things because we believe what they have to say. There are times where someone has been moved by a bloggers actions and have followed them ever since. Through that blog, the two people can make a connection even though they have never even met. This would never have happened in another time period. A heroic brand does not have to be anyone in particular, this can be anyone or any company. Working for a large company does not have to hold you back from being the heroic brand. The best managed companies are pushing hard to humanize themselves and emphasize the P2P factor. There are 7 ways to releasing your inner hero: establish congruity, be prepared to do the work, find your It factor, where’s the break? (ask for help), become a servant leader, market yourself and connect in a human way. By achieving these 7 things it will take you much closer to becoming a heroic brand.


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