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Building Personality

When creating a brand it is good to think about your fans and those that keep up with your content. It gets them to keep following your content and it builds up your brand name. Sometimes it is not just about your content but about your fans as well and the ones that come back to view your content every time a new content

In the book, Schaefer gives and example of Gary Vaynerchuk who really goes on the idea of the formula; “give, give, give, give, then ask.”(146). This formula works for him because he would give his fan stuff when they are in need and not expect anything in return.

According to Schaefer it states that, “Vaynerchuk found a way to monetize his guilt trips by building something that can last. But sometimes breaking the cycle of reciprocity also has its place.Being selfless has a powerful multiplying effect on the social web because good deeds aren’t just experienced by the recipient, but penitentially countless others who observe the act, or perhaps hear about it.”(149) What he is doing is a business strategy because he is showing that he cares about his fans and that is key because those fans will use word or mouth to tell others about it. It will get him a larger fan base and people will see that he does care about those that look at his content.

Building a personal connection is key and that is what every company should do. It should not just be about putting the content out there but caring about them and showing them that you do. It will make them not want to believe in your cause and keep pushing to look at what you do and being a devoted fan. In the book it states, “through your content you not only show what you sell, but who you are.”(150) This quote is a strong one because it is showing that one needs to show their fans who they are not just about the business but making it more a personal relationship.

An example of a company that gives free stuff away to their customers is T-Mobile. Every Tuesday they give free stuff out to their customers whether it is a free frosty from Wendy’s or a free $15 left ride. When they do this it helps bring more customers in and when people get the free stuff they will tell their friends who will want to join T-mobile and this is a good way of building a good strong relationship with their customers.


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