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If the Parking lot is full it must be GOOD!

“If the parking lot is full, it must be good.” This is the philosophy my father uses when trying a new place to eat. The opposite is true as well, if we’re looking for a new place to grab a bite to eat, if there isn’t a crowd of people, my dad is sure to believe the food isn’t up to par.

The same would apply with social proof. If something is really taking off among  my friends, followers, and family on social media I am immediately more interested in the content. Social media outlets have taken notice and have constantly updated their channels to make accessing this content easier and easier. On Facebook there is a trending tool that I can use to see what is being talked about most on Facebook at that time. My timeline on Facebook is tailored so that the most relevant posts to me appear first on my timeline. I enjoy funny videos and people singing on Facebook and every time I search my news feed I’m bound to find a funny video shared by a friend, with over a million views.

Instagram has a discover page on their channel that allows me to see what is most popular on Instagram at the moment. I can look and see which posts the people I follow are liking and commenting on. I can send and receive posts in private chats that I want someone to see or vice versa.

Social proof is not only something we instinctively can relate to, its something that we are subjected to by way of how our social media site work. Setting trends and being apart of trends is apart of our lives from the time we are able to make our very first decisions about what to wear, and who we want to be. With social media its the same thing, everyone wants to be apart of the trend.

As communication professionals it is important that we too become apart of the trend so that our content is noticed, and by people who are connected to one another. Public relations professional must stay current in what types of social media content are getting the most views and interactions among their public. follow-the-leader-photo


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